Love Song – Mixed Media Workshop

love song mixed media workshop with Suzi Blu

In this beginning to intermediate art class you will learn how to draw and shade 2 female figures and integrate them into a brightly colored abstract bohemian background.


One (1) original Suzi Blu coloring page for personal use only (PDF download off Etsy)

One (1) Supply list (PDF download off Etsy)

Three (3) Voice-Narrated/Instructional HD Videos of the creation of Suzi Blu’s large, Love Song Painting

AND, you will also receive:

Three (3) Time-Lapsed HD Videos of the making of Suzi Blu’s Love Song painting without any instruction or words getting in the way.

Suggested Supplies: (It is not necessary for you to use the exact same supplies used by Suzi Blu to make this painting, but using the same supplies will garner the most reproducible results. As always, you are free to choose whatever color palette you desire. The exact supplies used are given inside of the narrated instructional videos).

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils
Matte Medium
Acrylic Paints
Oil Pastels
Oil Paint

   $35.00 USD